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Originally Posted by Styx View Post
What was your old username?

Also, what about getting the game from GoG? it's usually just around 5$ and runs pretty well!
Could have sworn I just used this one, so I'm really not sure. As for owning the game, I have a physical copy of 1 and 2 now, the GOG version, enhanced version (which I hate) and the steam version of 2 which is basically the gog version. As I said, I've tried setting up dosbox manually, no luck. I've tried using the prebuilt ones through gog or steam but have that horrible buzzing sound. I'm currently trying to compile this as a last ditch effort to get it going without that problem.

Other things I've tried, vmware with windows 98, 95, XP, DOS, and all of them end up with that horrific buzzing noise.

Edit: LBA1 works just fine, it's specifically 2 that has this problem

Edit 2: I've also tried doing the same in Virtual Box
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