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Twinsen I'm looking for all the French .VOX files, would any kind soul help me?

Hey guys, what's up?

I decides to revisit good old LBA2 in a very specific manner: I want to play it on Android, and in French

I managed to run it on my phone with a DOS emulator from the ISO of my old CD, but it was in English. I changed the CFG file to turn both the text and audio into french, and the text worked, but the characters went mute.

I then checked the VOX folder and realised I only had English VOX files, because my old CD is the brazilian/american version

So I installed up the GOG multilingual version and tried to copy the French VOX files but the folder was empty. Then, I realised that in the GOG version, the VOX files get transfered (no idea from where) as you play, so I would have to play through the whole game on PC before copying the files to my phone

So, I could use help in 3 ways:
  1. Anyone got the French VOX files of LBA2 to share with me?
  2. Anyone knows how to force The GOG version to load up all the VOX files at once, so I can copy them?
  3. Anyone knows where the VOX files from the GOG version are stored before being "transferred" to the VOX folder during gameplay? They must be stored SOMEWHERE, they can't be just generated from thin air!

Thanks a lot people! With your help, I'll be able to practice my French on the go with my favorite game!

EDIT: Never mind, I managed to extract the BIN from the GOG version and install the whole multilingual version on my phone

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