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Post LBA1 PS Models on LBA2 PC

I haven't posted a post in quite awhile, and I decided to talk about this. I know that Jasiak (I hope I spelled the name right. If not, forgive me.) posted something quite similar like this awhile ago. But Jasiak was talking about LBA1 PS Models replacing LBA1 PC Models. I read through most of the thread that Jasiak posted, and I read about the LBA1 PS Models being in LBA2 PC Format. So my question is, "Is it possible to replace LBA2 Models with LBA1 PS Models?". For example; Replacing Twinsen from LBA2 with the Soldier from LBA1 PS1?

Is this possible? Do we have the tools to make it work? Can we replace a character or model in LBA2 PC with LBA1 PS Models? I'm just wondering.
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