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How to: coloring/texturing LBA2 models

Hi folks,

I'm working on my own LBA1/2-Implementation (, but right at the moment: I'm stuck.

I simply don't get the coloring/texturing done for lba2 models. I try to understand lba2remake, but JS is (without typeinformation) still hard to read for me. It's difficult to follow the color/texture/uv-information from body.hqr/ress.hqr to the shader. LBA1 is easy, because I can compile, run and debug twin-e and can compare values of single variables with my own implementation.

So, xesf, adrien and all other hackers out there: how did you start with your own lba2 renderer? Is there a twin-e-like reference implementation for lba2? Does anyone have the source code of the "LBA Model Viewer" by yaz0r? The viewer supports lba2 models and looks like C++/Qt...

Thanks for any advice/hint/help!

[Edit] attached printscreen of my own modelviewer. I'm able to load normals, vertices, bones, polygones, but not the colors/textures.
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