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Hi there, Solarix.

You are doing great things with your knowledge. You look like you're getting very close to fully implementing the models. I still have yet to load in existing LBA 2 models myself. I've actually been working on a Maxscript to port fully custom models from Autodesk 3DS Max directly into the LBA2 model format. My next step is to create animated models within Unity. Remember that you need to allow the right amount of space - depending on if you want to draw a triangle or a quadrilateral. Also, the colors and material both use their own bytes. I've actually been using Yaz0r's LBA Model viewer to make sure my data works properly - I don't know of any existing source code. If It helps, I used this link to get the polygon data properly.

Let me know if that helps. I don't check here as often as I used to. If I may ask a question, how did you get the bones working? I cannot get the vertices' offsets properly. They're supposed to come from the origin on the bone they're attached to.
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