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Originally Posted by Anakin View Post
well well well. the nerve of some people.
you all started bitching and moaning about how i and rex_hollywood supposedly spoiled your little story, but when you get the chance to write one without us "interfering", what happens? nobody posts!

the truth is, rex_hollywood and i are better writers than you'll ever be.
It's a secret so don't tell anyone, but the point of the new one not that you won't be able to interfere but that people won't be able to complain. I like bizarre/comic storylines. Now there's no need to think twice before you post since you can't possibly ruin it for anyone else.

It's a shame people are wary of going outside the MBN for a sec... like stregman said it's a quick registration and there's no email confirmation. Personally I'm not in a "writing mood" lately so I don't think I can contribute at the moment...
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