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i'm talking about the single-colored circles, LBA is using to speed up the drawing of round objects. twinsens hands are circles and also his hair.

the animating should be no major problem because LBA is implementing the quite common system of skeletal animation. for example, the open-source editor blender has a great amount of features to help develop skeletal animations. the only unique aspect in LBA is the use of "translational bones" whereas normally bones are merely used for specifying rotation of the limbs.
but that's no real problem because:
you can describe a translation using a rotating bone with varying length (sphere coordinates!). varying the length of a bone is possible in programs like blender.
also in blender you can specify whether the direction a bone is pointing in has influence on it's attached bones. the translational bone in LBA is therefore nothing else but a bone with varying length not influencing it's child bones. a converter can automatically detect this and use the correct bone version in LBA.

another unique feature of LBA animations is the fact, that the velocity of the characters in the game (moving upwards and downwards in the climbing animations, moving forward in the walking animation,...) is specified in the animation. i see no possibility to specify the velocity in a common 3d editor.

keeping the above things in mind i assume, that we will need a converter which is translating the data using scripts to specify all non-representable aspects of the model and animation...
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