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but wtf is a "plot hole" ??

i think funfrock never needed the twinsen's help for getting all the keys. he was a real threat for the funfrock's army. indeed, the wannie key was already sought under sup commandment, franco paras were fighting on the mosquibee island for its key and the sups obviously never wanted to see their key getting away in twinsen's hands. Concerning francos, it is clear now that funfrock prefered leave francos searching themselves, before steal it when they would find it. therefore, i believe funfrock never added twinsen in his plans to get all the keys : he had gotten all the emperor's army for that. So, when he said to twinsen that he had been manipulated, it was a trick to don't lose the face 'cause of the twinsen's extraordinarly conquests !
"La pesanteur tombe, tombe, et la vie,
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Hölderlin - La mort d'Empédocle

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