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Watched every episode about twice (not counting rewinds) till the end of the season. And I made sure I was fully mentally available for each episode, not mindless binge watch. This show is just SO GREAT. It's so smart and creative and strange and different and full of plot and just crazy. It's awesome.

Not so much with Westworld. MEH! Watched the first 3 episodes. In comparison with Dirk Gently it's just soooo dull.
First and foremost, the premise: (mild spoiler for those who go in the first episode not wanting to know anything) Spoiler:
You create a huge land populated by 100% realistic humanoid robots embodied by entities of amazing artificial intelligence, for people to go and realize their fantasies......... and the best you can come up with for a theme that goes on for more than 30 years is the fucking wild west?? SERIOUSLY?!?! ...seriously?!
Even if the target audience is people of low intelligence who are only interested in rape and murder, an actual imaginative world made by actual imaginative people would be far more attractive.

GAH this lack of creativity makes me shiver. Honestly. It's like some cowboy from the 18th century timetraveled to our present and wrote a tv show.
But I probably shouldn't blame the writers for that. I'm sure any actual good creative ideas would get instantly turned down by the big boring money people or whatnot.

Other than that, the show is fairly captivating I suppose. I might keep watching it. Actually it does have many other problems that I'd love to complain about but going to sleep so later
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