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Pitty was looking forward to trying Westworld.
Still will, but at a lower priority now :P

Quick roundup;
Class - Gets better after a terrible 2nd episode, but still never seems to quite make the best use of its creative ideas.

Doctor Who Christmas Special - Fun enough. Nice effect/idea with the villains. But not a particularly strong one plotwise. The writer did a much better subversion of super-heroics when he did Jekyll.

The Librarians S3E1-6- Ok, but last season had more interesting ideas. Oddly no Christmas special this year. They previously had a nice one which involved all the various "Christmas figure" myths rather then just the american santa idea.

Next up; Yonderland Christmas special
Sense8 Christmas special (yes, they made a Christmas special O_o)
__________________ <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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