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Finally watched season 1 of The Expanse. (at perfect timing, season 2 coming next week!)
I like it a lot. Awesome writing, great plot, no cliche and no obvious plot devices - I couldn't see anything coming next and yet it was all connected and made perfect sense, nothing was forced. It's great and refreshing to see a good (plausible and well written) sci-fi set right between the near and the distant future.
An intelligent sci-fi, very impressively detailed. And I don't mean just the science and technology, but the society and politics and all that people factor stuff. I mean, besides the fact everyone in the solar system is basically American. But that's totally forgivable by me.

And the story is really captivating. Which seems to me like a really good way to get out the message they really want to get out: we humans might very well colonize the solar system in the pretty near future. Shit is about to get real.
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