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Legion S01E01 - Sort of feels like if Dirk Gently by way of the film "PI". Like Dirk it chucks a lot at you at once, the screen constantly has weird things and nothing could be described as normal tv.
In Dirks case, however, what we got chucked at us was lots of scenes plot elements that all got tied together. Legion, however, is not chucking plot at you so much as "experience".
Like the film PI it uses its visuals and sound to try to make you feel like the main character...who isn't sure of his sanity. So while some of whats chucked at your retina is backstory, a lot isn't real at all.

Its certainly interesting, but I am not sure how well it will hold out. How much substance is under the style?
Certainly watching more to find out. Hopefully it hold out, as its already renewed.
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