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(24 hours, cannot edit last post)

I've got even further now.
The main part of the map is now complete and I've put it into HL2:MP (aka.. deathmatch)

Heres a screenshot from doing a beta test with 2 people I know from Teppe Community. (I scratched that onto the sign using the crowbar )

Map bugs found:
  • Some trees weren't touching the ground but hovering. (simply mistake that can be corrected quickly)
  • Sv_cheats 1 = all textures goes black since theres no light source in the map. (Gotta add a light source to the map)
  • Players run across the water - need kill trigger for the water.
  • Ammo needs to be seperated from weapons to prevent weapon camping. (gonna move items about)
  • Saw-blade physics props don't work, they just become part of the map and not a usable prop for killing. (going to remove)
  • Console says theres an error with no actions set on the doors (dunno how to fix. Its always the same)
  • Textures are unsupported warning. (Works but console brings it up at the start of the map)
Besides those bugs the map has been working well.

I've been quoted on the size of the buildings, when in actual fact I never did the inside of the buildings yet. Theres doors to buildings but only a tiny inside that only allows for opening and closing doors.

Once these bugs are fixed I'll be ready to release the map publicly.
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