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I personally think they need normal boots, if they have this regular elephant feet it makes look them unbalanced, there's too much stuff at the top, and too little at the bottom. They also need more gear, grey patches of elephant like skin with an armour on top of that maybe enough for a charachter that has no more than a few dozens of polygons - but surely it's not enough for a movie. It needs padding, bolts/screws, belts, straps, clamps and buckles. The uniform doesen't of course need to be based on any real uniform, but it has to make an appearence, that it actually works, that all those things have a purpose, that it has some structure, that's holding it all together. And they need to be able to somehow take it off. The mine ones, I tried to make in a early industrial feel, and to make them look like soldiers, with worn out armours, etc. And I'm quite satisfied with them, the only thing I find unrealistic is that it would be impossible to squeeze those elephant ears into the helmet and those "ear containers". And I think that, in LBA1 you couldn't really see the face of the guards, so If I'm remaking all the Funfrocks troops, I think I should keep with that, an unseen evil is a more terryfing one, and can give more tragism, when Twinsen finally realizes that there are real living creatures inside theese armours - if you know what I mean.
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