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Dinofly Theories

So! After playing LBA1 and 2, some theories ocurred me...

Theory 1: Teleportation and cloning, same thing!
I've read a topic here about what kind of scientist Funfrock could be (since cloning and teleportation are very different areas). And another about the nature of clones (organic or mechanic?).
In the latter, the idea of "clone" used meaning "copy" is mentioned. So I thought...

When teleporting, you basically desintegrate something and recreates it somewhere else. What if you used the information that is used to recreate something... without the desintegration part? You'd get a copy! Or a clone.

It gets a bit trickier when you think of the organic/mechanic part. It could be that Funfrock managed to alter the information used to create the clones to switch a few parts for mechanic parts. That way he'd guarantee that the clones he created would follow his orders.

Besides that, he might have left the Quetch clones mostly organic due to them being his own species (some sense of superiority?). The Grobos were already pretty strong, but as Rabbibbunies and Spheros aren't that strong they were more deeply modified in order to better serve him.
But leaving the Grobos more organic also allowed that Groboclone on Principal Island to be seduced by that Rabbibunny, and that other one in Tippet island to sell information.

Ok, this is already to long, better post the other theory later xD
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