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sort of translation

Hi guys i stuck this part of Philip Vachey interview in my mac's translator and this is what it says: (anyways this is just the part which regards LBA 3)
I allow myself to tackle a subject which returns regularly from the exit of LBA 2 I want of course to speak about his continuation Little Big Adventure 3. Are there chances so that it can be done one day?
Little Big Adventure 3, it is not complicated: that will be done can be never or can be in a long time. But like known as Didier (Chanfray): “It is enough to draw on the reel and all is there… ”. There is to only draw on the wire and one has very to make the third LBA.
It is a subject which returns rather regularly from the mouth of Frederic Raynal and yourself. It is seen that you thought all of it…
One spoke about it about many times: one of the major difficulties it is that we left all on different personal projects. It is necessary that one finds one moment common in time and space to do it. One well thus knows oneself one can arrive at a good performance. I am not in the head of Fred, but of my opinion, it thought well there. I have an idea of what the history could give. To the level of the music, I do not say that it is ready but I know what I would like to carry out. One day can be…

there's a lot much to read from the interview though..
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