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Originally Posted by Kasia View Post
What? You think I'm a good programmer? I guess to an extent. I'm blushing. (So cute, Kasia)

Seeing as I've still got ideas for LBA programs and have been pushing myself to do them is rather great - has helped a lot in me learning. But in all honesty, I don't know how Fred does it (I'm sure he knows the 'ins' and 'outs' of what makes a good programmer). Sometimes I wonder just how far he gets into his programming (whether he gets to the literal BYTE of information or what) to make something like this, especially with all of those 'voxel' characters and objects, etc.

I will forever love the style of 2Dark. But the story... Hmm... I'll leave that discussion for later until more people have played it, unless someone is that daring to already discuss it now.

Does anyone know if the voxel editor for the game can now save or load voxel models? I tried the demo for that awhile ago on the web browser, but haven't checked since - did they add that support yet?
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