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Originally Posted by Kasia View Post
Today's email:
"The voxel editor, crafted by Frédérick Raynal, and used to create all the characters in 2Dark is available for download on for all those who have access to it".
Thanks, Kasia. But this time I managed to beat you to it - already been using the editor for the past half hour. (woke up late this morning)

I must say, I like it a lot! It even comes with a dozen models that can be seen in the game. The editor even has animation support in it!

It looks like all of the gvox (gloomywood voxel files (I'm guessing)) as opposed to normal vox (voxel files) are made up of text files (unless normal vox files are (haven't checked yet))! This being said, I could probably make a program that randomly generates cubes (voxels) in different places and saves that as a gvox file. The only bit that looks most confusing are the pallete informations stored in the models at the bottom of their files.

Although something I wonder is how I'd get a model with polygons and convert those to voxels. My best bet would be to take the area of a 3d model, and generate a multidimensional array of cubes to fill up that space (thus a model converted to voxels!).

Even for the animations, it's an entire text file with paragraphs of code. It doesn't look as complex in comparison to the LBA1 and 2 model formats. It's all readable, the point is somehow making a program that can do just all of that.

I guess making a voxel model is like making a sprite pixel by pixel, but in 3d rather than 2d. Perhaps my idea is only making the idea of creating a voxel model from scratch not as fun. Oh well...

Hope other people got this packaged backed up.
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