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One minutes of silence. Anakkin has left us once again. Though this time, for good.

I'm sorry to annonuce to you all, that Anakkin is not returning. If circumstances has allowed it, he is already dead.

He decided to commit suicide on the 22nd of August, which is the day after he returned to his military service. The reason to this, is that his life was being torn apart by his military duty. I, personally, do believe that he's seen and done many terrible things during his time in the military.

He informed me of his suicide plan just before he left for the military on the 21st.

He's third last thing he ever said to me (query message on the IRC), was a note to the MBN community, which reads:
Originally Posted by Anakkin
Dear mbn, I can't bear to go back to the army and leave my family once again. Goodbye.
I suggest we hold one minute of silence, and wish Anakkin that he will rest in peace.

And no. I'm not kidding.
Secondly, I'd like to excuse for possible oddness of this thread. I'm extremely tired, and I should really go to sleep. I really just had to post this, before I went to sleep.

I'm sorry for our loss.
Thank you.
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