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Originally Posted by DarkOnister View Post
I've experimented abit and made a grid.
After creating what you can see I've noticed invisible blocks (I'm guessing they're the 'no jump, no walk' zones).
thats right invisible blocks are used to set up invisible walls.

Originally Posted by DarkOnister View Post
One of the biggest problems making this I found was: height (I fixed that) and some blocks are made specific for certain things, such as making ladders to platforms taller isn't possible without warping the appearance of the wall and all that.
actually for ladder you do not need to take care of that when building a map. With lbarchitect you just need to define the appareance, the rest will be done later inside lbanet.

Originally Posted by DarkOnister View Post
Question: Can you mix block sets together?
Its just an idea, but I was thinking of making a big spaceship based of the shuttle blocks, but the selection is limited to what there is.. so mixing sets together would allow more variety to what can be placed down. (for example. shuttle blocks + Otringal blocks?)
Unfortunatly it is not possible to mix blocks using lbarchitect for now. Lbanet however could handle it, but it would mean that you would need to manually edit map file without editor so it gets quite complicated.

Originally Posted by DarkOnister View Post
I looked at the lbaExpanded.xml and some parts seem quite simple and at the same time I can see how it can get complicated quickly. (reminds me of HTML.. although then again it is xml after all).
thats right xml and html are really similar things, but as i said, i would suggest you to first concentrate on the map creation. Once you have a few maps and you want to connect them together just send me an PM and I should be able to help you.
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