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Originally Posted by Kasia View Post
Mine is 4.0''.
And I can't use a pen, as Axx did.

And I think it took me about 20-25 tries to pass the second room of the Temple of Bu.
Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
I'm at the temple now, second room. That log is frustrating !!!
It took me 4 tries to pass the 2nd room, lol (The whole temple didn't take longer then 30 mins)
The trick with the log is that you have to spam-click forward as soon as you enter the area where the log spawns, and then move close to one of the sides. When you reach the area where you have to jump, quickly move to the middle of the room and jump over the single empty space, and continue to tap forward; then move close to the switch, activate it and be happy

Originally Posted by JBrothersz View Post
When I "finished" the game again recently, I had the feeling it was pretty short. But it's because I knew exactly where to go. LBA 2 is far bigger in every way, what a masterpiece of a game/ sequel!
LBA2 is, in my opinion, much better then lba1. The game feels more solid, things are much more straightforward (you kinda know where you have to go, where in LBA1 I got lost many times) and the soundtrack is amazing
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