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Island of the Wannies

(With all the excitement on this board, I just had to write something.)

Inhabitants: Wannies and Francos
Size: Large
Type: Lava
Transportation: Elevator from Platform and Ferryman



The island of the Wannies.

You are entering the domain of the Wannies.

You're in the village of the Wannies.

To the public of Zeelich there is only one way to get to the Undergas safely and that is by elevator. At the bottom of that elevator is the Island of the Wannies. This sprawling island is home to the wannies which they share with the Building Company, which built the elevator. On this island there is a large deposit of gems which can be refined into gazogem on the surface. Many of the wannies work tirelessly extracting these gems from the mines beneath the island.


The Island of the Wannies was Twinsen's first stop in the Undergas. After defeating Money-Monkey, Twinsen was able to ride the elevator down to this island. Here he accomplished many things such as finding the Wannies key fragment, learning the Ferryman's song, and having his first taste of firefly tart.


Elevator to the surface
Village of the Wannies


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