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You are not disappointing me at all, you are just confirming it

Its great to see your will on completing the game after all this years, after all the changes you have done on the tech.
My only disbelief on the game it self, not on your work, or the tech, is that you could have released parts of it during this time even if not complete or half backed.

For example I loved when MonsieurKakis released his game. It's not perfect, its not all original, but it feels good to see something up and running you can play from start to finish.
That's what I miss on your work, to be able to play start to finish, even if it's just 15min of game interaction, because I know that on the next release it will be another 5 or 10 with something new to interact. I know you have the demos, probably not correctly advertised in this topic, but still feels a sandbox where you put all your latest changes.
That's the reason why I feel LBA is not the real driver anymore.

I don't think you should worry about Fred or the IP. I believe you do not have intension to sell any of this, so I really doubt Fred or Didier will get you in trouble. Fred was always very supportive in the Fan/Mod community. We are using in the original assets of the game with his consent until the game is playable. When we get into a stage that people could play start to finish we no longer can host the full game as the game is still being sold.

Have you consider doing an original adventure game, inspired by LBA, that will only borrow some aspects of it? Because if you are worry about the implications on the IP side, this is your safe bet.
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