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[Concept] Twinsen in Super Smash Bros.

Hello people!

The two LBA games are among my favorite games of all time (LBA 2 is still on my TOP 10) and since I'm also a big fan of Nintendo games and the Smash Bros series, I always thought how cool it would be to have Twinsen as a playable fighter. Now with the latest entry of the series having many non nintendo characters in it, people are coming up with their ideas of what character could be in the game next.

So how amazing would it be if Twinsen got announced as a DLC fighter in Smash? LBA is a kid-friendly game so I don't see why not
I figured it would be fun to picture how Twinsen could work in the game, his moveset and everything:

Twinsen Fulfills the Prophecy

Neutral Attack - Agressive mode punches and kicks

Side Tilt - Throws a dart

Up Tilt - Headbutt

Down Tilt - Kick

Air Attacks - Twinsen attacks foes with his Pick-ax

Dash Attack - Twinsen slashes opponents with the Emperor's Sword in agressive mode

Side Smash - Twinsen throws his Magical Ball to hit foes. It bounces around causing damaging on contact. It goes further and stronger if charged

Down Smash - The Magic Ball spins around Twinsen

Up Smash - Twinsen throws the Magic Ball up

Neutral Special - Fires the Blowtron

Side Special: Nitro-Meca-Penguin - Drops a Nitro-Meca-Penguin that blows up after a few seconds damaging nearby fighters. Needs a little bit of time to recharge

Down Special: Wannie's Glove - Twinsen uses the Wannie's Glove to reflect projectiles

Up Special: Super Jet-Pack - Twisen flies with his Super Jet-Pack for a few seconds. Any fighters hit by it's fuel will take damage

Final Smash: Ring of Lightning/Sendell's Magic - I have two ideas for Twinsen's final smash. The Ring of Lightning would simply hit every opponent dealing great damage and possibly KO'd them. Sendell's Magic would make Twinsen call Baldino to hit one or more fighters. Baldino would take them to the Emerald Moon and then Twinsen atop the Well of Sendell would use Sendell's magic to blast the fighters away dealing great damage

Side Taunt: Twinsen plays his Magic Flute

Up Taunt: Twinsen waves his arms like when he gets a new item. His celebration pose

Down Taunt: Twinsen takes Sendell's Ball from his pocket and gazes at it for a moment before putting it away

Victory Poses:
1. Celebration Pose
2. Dinofly lands at the center of the screen carrying Twinsen
3. Sendell flies around Twinsen before it stops and they both smile at the screen

Stage: Temple of Bù - The stage is located inside the Temple of Bù consisting in a central area with a few traps. The platforms moving around the stage like they do in the games and maybe rocks could fall from the top of the screen or the Rabibunny Skeletons could show up and attack the fighters

1. Blue Tunic
2. Red Tunic
3. Green Tunic
4. Black Tunic
5. Wizard Tunic
6. Purple Shirt and Jeans
7. Prison Clothes
8. Nurse Outfit

Music tracks:
*LBA theme
*Honey Bee
*In the Temple
*Emerald Moon
*The Empire
*The Quest
*The Rebels
*Funky Town

Maybe someday we can see this happen.

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