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Talking language corner ^^

Hi people!
I'd like to ask you all kinda weird wish...

Me and my mates from our halls of residence need to put Take your shoes off! sign on the door and we want to put it in as many languages as possible, because there are always morons coming and soiling our rug.

So basically i beg all of you to post translation of
Take your shoes off!
in your language in your native fonts, no transliteration please!
Also let the sentence be in 2nd person plural imperative, no polite form.
Eg. Ziehen Sie Ihre Schuhe aus! is wrong while Zieht eure Schuhe aus! is exactly what I need.

This is what I have so far (some might be wrong, so corrections are wellcome):
Снимите обувь!
Zieht eure Schuhe aus!
¡Quítate los zapatos!
Vyzujte si topánky!
Retirez vos chaussures!
Zdejmijcie buty!
Toglietevi le scarpe!
Vyzujte si boty!

Thank you all

Please, also include exclamation mark or its equivalent if possible.

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