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Cool upcoming Adventure Games

Okay, here's the deal. You're all crazy-adventure game lovers, so be on the look out for the following:

Comming out in September/October, we've got Dreamfall (sequal to TLJ). For all the TLJ fans out there, The Divide has posted a pretty long interview that they had with Ragnar Tornquist. There's some pretty *new* interesting stuff reguarding the game. Check it out.

Then, comming out also in September is Indigo Prophecy, teh awsome game made by Quantic Dream (the same french dudes that made Omikron: the Nomad Soul). What's really awsome about this game, is that there's a bunch of split screen sequences, where you get to see what's happening around your character and in other places at the same time. Looks suspenceful in some scenes. One in particular, where the player has to clean up a bloody scene in the bathroom before a cop in the split screen enters. Looks really sweet.Check it out, too.

Finaly, it's also been announced that QuanticDream will be developing Omikron 2 (SWEET) on the next-generation consoles (duh) and so that's awsome, because anybody who's played Nomad Soul knows how badass of a game it is.

That's about all the exciting adventure game news I have for now.

If anyone else's got awsome stuff to say about this, post an update, why donchu.
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