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It's interesting you say that, Chaosfish.

I was going to post a similar topic, but decided against it because I didn't think people would be interested. But since you mention it....

Quantic Dream - David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumiere interview
by Laura MacDonald - posted on August 3, 2005

EM: The U.S. version is going to be different than the European ones?

DC: A little bit, yeah, because of the sex scenes. The European versions are exactly as we wanted, but we had to change some things for the U.S. market.

EM: Was that so you could get a certain rating?

DC: Yes, 16+ was the rating we wanted. Otherwise it would be 18+ and people just told us our game would only be available in sex shops with that rating. There is nothing sexual in it that you wouldnÂ’t see in a regular movie. But that is what we were told.
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