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Reading my above post again, I feel like I didn't describe just how good this game is well enough.
So there's the look and the feel, but there's even more... Like, the plot is completely fascinating, and for those of you who liked The Longest Journey - you'll love this one (guaranteed!). The scenes - can't tell much cause SPOILERS ARE BAD FOR YOU, but when Fred invited the name "No Cliche" - he was inspired by Fahrenheit (probably used time commando to do so).
The humor, the voice acting, the stability (I *always* find bugs. Well, didn't find a single one in Fahrenheit.) - it's all just so perfect. It's the perfect game.
What's more, it works on fairly old computers. I've read from some guy running it on a 6 year-old computer.

I've pirated it. But I'm going to buy it asap.
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