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Originally Posted by StreGGy View Post
Take a man with mental disorders who's trying to get cured. A woman dressed like this in the street doesn't help him
I quoted that part of your reply because there, you're (I don't know if aware or not) putting the blame on the victim once again.

Does that mean women should cover their whole body cause there might be a mentally ill person who looks for exactly that kind of women on the streets?

And as stated several times, most of the rapist don't go after girls who dress slutty, cause it's not about sex, but domination.

So take that example axx gave, a women being rape in Saudi Arabia, is it less her fault than the girl who dressed slutty and got raped too?

Why? if they both got raped. Isn't that the only thing that matters, that they got raped?

A rapist can be mentally ill and in, his head, get turned on by women who have a green mohawk (I know it's a stupid example but it's an exageration to make my point), does that mean any women with a green mohawk are in certain way to blame because, after all, they were wearing a green mohawk?

I don't know if i'm making myself clear here, what I want to state is that if you think that girls that dress with less clothes, slutty, half-naked or what you wanna call it are in some way responsible of getting raped, then you should think that any women who gets raped is responsible for being abused, too, cause they had a quality that rapist are looking for, and that, to me and to any sane person I know, it's not fair.
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