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Talking The Start of a Super Armageddon!!

Twinsen defeated Funfrock many times,all the times Funfrock got stronger Twisen and Sendell were still more powerfull than him,After Funfrocks latest invention was destroyed,The Khaos Cannon,the world was saved once again,now the story continues.

Citadel Island has become bigger than any normal island in Planet Twinsun,Twinsen was on a beach,lying in a chair having his sunglasses on and drinking,the beach has become like a natural beauty,it's neo sparkling water fall,falling into the sea,with a nice humming sound,the birds were singing as the joy of Funfrocks final defeat.
Expect Arthur is now a genius as Baldino.

Arthur: Twinsen!!
Arthur came out of the house with a certain machine in both of his hands.
Arthur: I finnaly finished it see? Isn't it great? It's a jet propelled surf board! Wanna try it out?
Twinsen has just put his drink on a table on the right side with a radio near the drink and a umbrella,making a shadow for Twinsen not to get hot in the sun
Twinsen: Not right now thanks.......
Arthur: Alright! I'll go use it my self!
Arthur said it while being happy
Twisen: Arthur is just like a little kid with his new toy
with that Twinsen pulled a remote out of his pocket and pressed a button opening the radio and switching on Twinsen's favorite music.
Arthur was on the sea,just got on his board and shot of to test the machine he made,the wave from the surf board made the wave fall on Twinsen,somehow...Twinsen didn't get his clothes wet,he just groaned a little.
Arthur had little trouble holding the surfboard but he got in,and enjoyed his ride.
Arthur passed the beach Twinsen was on and the wave from the surf board splashed Twisen again,and Twinsen just got his sun glasses off,Twinsen blinked 3 times.
Arthur said while doing some moves on the board.
Arthur: Twinsen! It's okay if you can't swim! Just try it out!
Twinsen: Just don't showoff so much that you forgot to look where your going!!!
Twinsen put the glasses on and he quickly noticed that Arthur was gone then he saw big wave from the surf board.
Twinsen: It's probably nothing.....
Twinsen put his sunglasses on again and he heard Arthur screaming.
Arthur: Hey Twinsen! Help me! Come on! Wake up! TWINSEN!!
Twinsen was getting really angry at Arthur screaming,Twinsen just couldn't stand it,he shut his ears and spinned around and said really loud
Twinsen: ARGH!!!!! SHUT UP ARTHUR!!!!!!
Twinsen got a water drop in his head then saw that Arthur was sent flying backwards by a flying ship,the ship hit were Twinsen was lying
Arthur speeded up where Twinsen was and asked
Arthur: Twinsen,Twinsen are you alright?
Twinsen rubing his nose and closing his eyes
Twinsen: I'm fine,just fine
then Twinsen opened his eyes and asked
Twinsen: So? Who's that??
Baldino was blind and clumsy
Baldino: Hi Twinsen! I have some news for you!!
Arthur and Twinsen talking to each other and in the background was sawn that smokes came from Top left and right to the Bottom left and right
Twinsen: Ohh....not that old man again! Count me out!
Arthur: Twinsen we gotta save him!!
Twinsen: Your the one who do mechanics and fly you do something!
Fly is what Twinsen meant that Arthur has a Unlimited fueled Jetpack on his back
Arthur saw the ship and screamed
Arthur: Your no!!! HELP!!!!!!
Twinsen blinked two times
Arthur: Fine! I can rescue the old man all by my self!! Arthur shot against the old man's ship
Arthur: HEY!!!!
Baldino: Oh Hi Arthur! I have some urgent news for Master Twinsen so that's why i am here
Arthur: You have more important things to worry about! Your engine is on fire!!
Baldino looked at the engine that was on fire and said
Baldino: AHH!!!! No wonder it's getting warm!!!!
Arthur said while being close to the engine.
Arthur: Just keep it going steady!! I can fix it for you!!
a explosion came from the engine sending Arthur abit back,Arthur shot back and landed on ship's wing.
Baldino: Very impressive Arthur!!
Arthur: Thanks! A handsome good practice on my surf board!!
Baldino: Hahaha!!! Lucky for me!!
Arthur pointed at a mountain they are about to crash.
Arthur: Sir!! SIR!!! LOOK OUT!!
Baldino grabed his glasses and looked close through the window of his ship.
Baldino: What are you......talking about???
Arthur: TWINSEN!!!!!!
Twinsen using a special machine Arthur gave him after 2 months it was the speed boots.
Twinsen ran as fast as he could at the ship,he got on the ship and after the explosion Twinsen got out having Arthur on his right hand and Baldino on the left one.
Arthur: Oh! Twinsen! Thank you!
Twinsen winked with a smile at Arthur.
a couple of minutes later.
Baldino was shaking and made his hand into a position like if he was holding two joysticks.
Baldino was shaking.
Twinsen: Old man? Hey Old man!!
Twinsen found a crab heading towards the water,Twinsen grabbed the grab and placed it against the old man.
the crab changed course and headed against Baldino,the crab spiked Baldino's foot,Baldino jumped into the air and shaking his arms and legs screaming.
Baldino: AAHHHHHHHOHO!!!!!
As Twinsen was talking the old man was shaking his head abit
Twinsen: Old man those things are dangerous!! Stop riding them!
Baldino faced a flower which was the height of Twinsen,thinking that flower was Twinsen.
Baldino: What are you talking about Mr.Twinsen? I know how to handle them! I realize i am a little older now but back in my day i was quite a racer!! Believe me i was pretty buffy up with the ladies!!
Baldino was laughing after he stopped talking and Arthur said
Arthur: Mr? Did you say you had some urgent business?
Baldino stopped laughing and said.
Baldino: Oh Right!! It's a real emergency!! You see the president....
After Baldino said it he looked another flower thinking that was Twinsen,Twinsen looked at the old man,as Old man was a bit worried he said.
Baldino: Ohhh...............................The president..........
Twinsen and Arthur made an Anime fall and quickly recovered
Twinsen: He want's us to come to the presidential house right away!!!!
Baldino was jumping in air shaking his hands and legs and screaming.
the old man calmed down and Twinsen said
Twinsen: You know? It might've been easier if you just called to tell us that!
there came a embarrased sound as Baldino was embarrased too.
Baldino: I could've done that too,eheheheheh..........
Wait for part 2

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