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The Ultimate Question

Think of a question; A question so renowned, that it is deliberated all over the world at this very moment; A question so old, that it has been pondered since time began; A question so opinionated that it has pratically split the world into two. I convey you all today, this question.

For years, this question has been debated by our fore-fathers (and fore-mothers, lets not be sexist) as one of the most debated questions of all time. Some would call this the ultimate question; others would think less of this question, but the point of the matter is the question itself…

So, brave people of The Magic Ball Network Forums™ I have decided to gather you all here on this most glorious day, to bring justice to this long forgotten question that lies deeply engraved inside us and solve this enigma once and for all...

Which would you rather be... a pirate or a ninja?
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[21:53] <OBattler> i just don´t believe in behaving like either an animal
[21:53] <OBattler> or like adolf hitler

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Opinions are like testicles, everyone has theirs - Those are my opinions and I have no fear to show them to you.
but that's what it is, the troll is a rapist
a soul rapist

- Link, 2013
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