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Originally Posted by Kobold View Post
But spheroes don't reproduce!
Hmm... Spheros are shrouded by mystery. Except that one thing written in the official site no one ever explained anything about them. Bio-androids. How did that even happen? I'm getting curious about the Sphero history.

There was one sphero kid in LBA2 though. In the temple of Bu. With a Grobo father and a Rabibunny mother. Or maybe he wasn't really a kid and the three of them were acting out on a sick fantasy.

I guess Arthur will have to try his luck on older sphero women, then.
Originally Posted by ras maxim View Post
The only possibility publishers (and audience) can be interested in new LBA game is if it would have naruto-like protagonist and hot anthropomorphic furries and mini-games. That's the price we should pay if we want LBA3 be ever released.
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