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My summery so far;

1. Microsoft - Somewhat impressed me not with games shown but rather their attitude to co-operation and cross platform play. They demo'd people playing Minecraft on the Xbox, a tablet, and a Gear VR all together at the same time.
Gear VR is Android, not sure if the Tablet was iOS or Android. But still, pretty cool.
They also announced some games will be sold once and you can use it on any Microsoft platform. (ie, you only need to buy one copy and you can play it on either Win10 or Xbox).

Hardware wise they will be selling a smaller, upgraded, XboxOne version for $299. Seems reasonable value.
They also will be selling a stupidly powerful version for VR/4K output. (they all play the same games).

Gamewise, I dunno, they had some game by Rare where you collaborate in running a pirate ship. Could be fun, but not the sort of thing that seems easy to play if you need, like 4 people or whatever.

2. Ubisoft - Not much of the big stuff interested me, but I was pleased to see a sequal to Grow Home called Grow Up. Despite being a bit clunky, I really liked the first game.
As a promotion thing, Ubisoft will be giving away a game every month this year. You want Sands Of Time free? Then go get it! Because its free and its awesome.

They announced a sequal to the game "Watchdogs". Saw a letsplay of the first which was amusing, but mostly because the game seemed mind-blowingly inconsistent between gameplay and story. (ie, you drive around the city like its GTA, killing about a hundred innocent people each trip, yet somehow in cutscenes your supposed to be a hero...)

Nintendo - At 17:00 GMT today I think. Supposed to just be showing Zelda (which is obviously my big thing), but I am also highly interested in Pokemon Go, seeing as I always thought Pokemon was "the" game for augmented reality. Even if this is only a crude first step it should be cool

Things that bored me most so far;

Zombies. Too many zombie themed games. blahhh.
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