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One showcase that really caught my eye during the PC Gaming presentation was Dual Universe:

This one reminds me so much of Infinity: The Quest for Earth:
Infinity has been in development since, oh well, 2003 or something and they've since abandoned the idea of a whole universe with lots of freedom, which saddens me. They're currently going for something which in their minds is more realistic, a large-scale spaceship, space & planetary, battle simulator in a single star system, see

I'm personally really excited seeing someone picking up the torch of Infinity's currently lost ambitions. I've followed Infinity since somewhere around 2005 and been wanting a game like that since way beyond that. No Man's Sky is one of those that come to mind also, but it's not really the same type of game. I'll probably enjoy that one a great deal too, but a persistent single-instance universe with all the stuffing of Elite only with more player freedom than Elite Dangerou is more appealing to me than what No Man's Sky brings to the table atm.

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