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Originally Posted by Homeless View Post
Oh wow! This is an amazing project with a great vision! Evidently you two are serious about it too. Thank you guys for working on this and big props to you!

The editor looks phenomenal and is a lot of fun to play around with it. It's intriguing to see in this way how things were made, as has been a lot of fun previously with tools available for LBA 1. I can see this being of practical use for speedrunning the original also.

Seeing this editor makes me wish this editor was available for LBA 1 too. Theoretically, seeing that LBA 1 and 2 have much in common, could the editor be loaded with LBA 1 assets also without all too many modifications?

The way the camera is implemented is very interesting and a nice addition. I'd like to see that one stick of course but would also like to see a legacy camera available, similar to what MevX said. In part because it's enjoyable to also be able to play it as it was in the original, but I'd also imagine that the legacy camera would be a good option for VR, at least for some with not much in terms of VR legs.

Also I'd like to ask if there's any chance the VR version will be made compatible with WebVR so it could be used on a lot of VR devices? I'd absolutely love to give this a whirl on my Oculus Rift.

Keep up the great work guys! You are awesome.

Hey Homeless, thanks for the nice message, it makes us want to keep working hard on it. I’m glad you like the editor. We have big ambitions for it.

I think adapting the engine for LBA1 would not represent too much work compared to the whole endeavor, but there are still some differences, particularly with the 3D models.
We do have that in mind, but it’s not a priority at this point.

We kind of already have a camera system which is closer to the original for VR, and I do think too that camera shouldn’t be moving like that for VR. And legacy camera for the normal mode is in the TODO list.

WebVR is also in the TODO list, but I won’t start working on that for a while. I’m planning to buy an Oculus at some point, maybe in a couple of months. I’ll have a stab at it then.
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