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The project basically started in June 2016 with Lupin building an Island Viewer with VR support.
I joined him a month after as we realize we both had joined goals.
I then started with his base and start doing the 3d models and animations and an engine has been built since.

It was pretty hard to keep it in secret, when so many good projects appear last year!!

The code has been written from scratch based on the knowledge we acquire with the file formats and tools we build in the past 20 years.
We used as reference other open source tools, including our owns.

WebGL and JS was always the main target it as it turned to be a very fast pace development with quicker results. (+ cross platform)
We started with ThreeJS to avoid all the hard work to build our own rendering engine, but during the project we realize we could stick with it, as threejs was performing really well.

Not sure what more I can add but feel free to ask other specific questions.

We should be able to make the code public soon enough and hopefully receive some extra help.
LBA2Remake v0.4.0 released - open source re-implementation of the LBA 2 original engine for the web.
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