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Hi MrQuetch,

Thanks for your words.

I'd like to apologize, I guess Lupin will fill the same.
We knew you were pretty involved in the model formats and we had most of the things discovered, at the least a good part of it, but we couldn't give much hints compared from what I gave at the time, or else people could notice we both were working on the project. We wanted to keep it in secret until we had something concrete to show.

As documentations are pretty time consuming and we are focus on the game implementation we never improved the specs. We did update some LBA Info wiki pages, but not as we expect.
The source will be available soon, so I guess the community can also contribute by adding as much info into the LBA Info wiki based on what we are doing.

All help is welcome, so I am pretty sure a lot members in the community we be able to help in some shape or form.
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