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Originally Posted by Angelus View Post
Hehe. Do you like new look ?

This island is different but you will still find a lot similarities. Fun will start with Principal Island which will be a lot harder to recognize. One of the reason behind it is that you will be able to walk on whole island which is 2-3x size of Citadel Island. This mean you have 4-9x times more area to walk on and we making layout which will utilize this whole space

Signature will need to wait till we do final look of new maps
To be honest I'm terrified of such changes, but this is because of lack of textures.
On the other hand, classic islands will make gameplay a little boring, however new islands make it much more interesting, like a new locations.
But you need to think about filling and content, empty spaces are boring. Maybe new little quests (like a umbrella and thief thing from LBA II) or something, put some things related to LBA world to the corners, you know.

I'm still exited and I still have your old remake build which I run sometimes. I love it!
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