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Hehe well this version still have really rough look but this way it's easier to design stuff. And in initial development process we don't need anything more.

I wouldn't be too worried about empty spaces we try to pack whole space with as much content as it's possible. Some of this content you know and some of it never existed in any of the previous game in first place

Generally I know that old builds of remake weren't bad and some people would be satisfied if whole remake was finished in that form. But I played not long ago games like Uncharted (whole trilogy), Tomb Raider and I see that L.B.A. Remake in old form just didn't hold up.

I knew risk of changes but sometimes risk is good :] And after seeing effect of blueprints in action I need to say that I'm not afraid of this changes anymore and see that this was right decisions. Of course I see there a lot more than un-textured polygons I see with my imagination: gameplay and how game may look.

Add to all that talent of Alejandro which wasn't there when I was designing locations and I'm sure that even I will be surprise what he will do with blueprints you see now

So just follow how project develop and you will see that in this new form there still exist heart of original Little Big Adventure games. If any of you want help just share our project with other or just comment it out. This simple things giving us positive energy for another hours that we spend into realization of this really ambitious project.
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