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Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
Impressive... how did you come up with all that ? I mean setting up a new world...
When I started creating Colozen it was just 1 island with the vague possibility of another.

I challenged Rincevent about map making; expecting making maps to be near impossible he convinced me it was simple. Once I made some layouts it looked cool to see LBA content where I placed it, then when it was made live it made me feel more motivated.

Dtech Island was just 2 sides against each other, however after talking with Mazaka151 I started to consider a plot; fractions were formed and I started to get ideas of how the world would take shape based on what I wanted people to do.

I want to create an open world with perhaps an open storyline to Colozen, but unlike LBA1&2 which decide who are good or bad, I'm making it so that it is you who decide who is considered good or bad and depending on which quests you complete depends on which bonus areas you have access to because of your erm.. respect for that fraction.
Because you start off as a clone your looked as bad/neutral to all until a point where you as your character is trusted.

I got inspiration from a range of places; Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Nintendo), Deus Ex (PC), LBA2 (PC) and Lost Magic (DS).

To do list:

*Re-arrange file system for Colozen (folder per grouped outdoor zone - instead of having Colobee Mountain + outdoor Tech Island)
*Create important NPC characters names (eg. Dtech president, Mtech president, Mia, etc.)
*Create indoor isometric maps - starting with Tech Island (after all it can be ported later)
*Decide music per indoor map (Also perhaps music changing in outdoor map dependant on where you are - eg. Entering town or leaving town)
*Create 3D outside zones - starting with Tech Island & Mystic Island
*Link zones together - Teleports and scripts.
*Add npcs - starting with fixed locations to moving npcs.
*Add new items/rewards & currency - links into the quests.
*Add quests - world is practically complete, so that is an extra.
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