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I'm not dead, just unemployed; so I've been busy lately with job hunting and help on writing a CV.
I thought that since its coming up for Halloween I should give an update on what I've done so far.

Colozen progress
  • Tech Island fixed (server has outdated alpha maps; there was a mix up on the new engine update. Fixed further issues by using SVN instead of pure uploads to Rincevent)
  • SS_Astaroth grids done (Was inspired by Pokemon SS_Anne to make the grids as I can't easily make a nice hull)
  • Artificial Island docks complete (I may release Artificial Island docks and have the checkpoint closed while I fix up the rest of the island, so at least it gets released)

Christmas grid?
Anything planned for the next Christmas event? I was considering making a Christmas grid for an event; which can be put together quickly, but its more a case of imagination and what people want in that map.
- Preparing ahead of time means we can have it added for the Christmas event; perhaps as a teleport option in the menu so as to not effect other grids.
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