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I'm glad you like what I've done so far! Thanks!

I think the delay on the camera really add a nice feel, try it in yours and see how it goes!

I load every possible unique tile in the level into a large "tile sheet" texture, then I build the entire level, with every tile as 2 triangles, in one big vertex buffer (Not sure what its called in OpenGL). Then I can draw the entire level in one call. Of course I could split up the buffer into smaller parts, but it didnt affect the performance.

When I make each tile for the vertex buffer I position them differently on the Z axis depending on their "depth" in the level. Then the character is actually rendered offscreen into a texture that gets rendered with it's own Z Depth so it can interact with the tiles. So I don't need to do any manual sorting.

The best method I have found so far is actually to render each tile as a 6 triangle "box". Using this method you can add really cool lighting effects/shadows: - this level was rendered only using LBA2 tiles and this technique (Also a Twinsen from LBA1).

Originally Posted by david38 View Post
Thanks !
By now I'm trying to import a fully animated twinsun character in my engine but don't know where to find it. It has to be compatible with Blender. I should browse more in details in the forum.
There is documentation on the LBA character file format, you should look at getting that into your engine too.

So where do you plan on taking all of this, and what are you going to do with it?

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