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Thanks for the info it really helps. Versions from 1.1 are now working with ATI
I released the v1.2 here.

The changes are

v1.2 - 16/12/08 :
Adding camera chasing effect
Adding timer for keeping game speed always constant.
Bug fix : No more black lines between tiles, no more memory leaks during map loading/unloading.

For the next release, I'm going to add some LUA scripting for finally starting writing a game. I'll add script functions for adding/removing none player characters directly from a script, and why not adding some dialogs.
Other stuff I need to improve are :
- changing the step by step character animation by Keyframing animation. By now if you look carefully you'll see uncontinued movements on the dwarf animation.
- adding flat shadows
- adding artificial intelligence to none player characters starting with path finding
- adding some home made characters/models rather than warcrafts ones. Please tell me if you're interested in adding you're own characters in my demo.
That's all for now !
Little Script Adventure[thread][download]
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