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I think fans should decide about the futur of this project. And that's what I'm waiting for, that would be so boring making all by myself !
My plans are to transform "Little Warcraft Adventure" (LWA) in "Little Script Adventure" (LSA), a set of tool for designing you own LBA like game.
As you might have seen in my last LWA version, I picked up models from different websites and include it with tools for modifying it or creating your own models. Of course there are missing a lot of things (like documentation ...) but that's a beginning.
Next I'll start using scripts for making small scenarios.
Right now I'm working on a LBA like text viewer that I will soon release,
So what models do I need ?
As no plans are defined yet, let's say we can work on twinsen, with different tunics and trousers.
Little Script Adventure[thread][download]
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