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I think he knows that... he was asking why am I still keeping it there. I kept it there for comparison, and was too lazy to just get rid of it . Anyway, tis gone now!

Now, I'll make a deal with you . When Quetch figures out a way to import my LBA1Remake files to blender, you'll get the whole shebang (lots of objects, male nurse model, doctor model, three type's of Groboclones, soldier model and lot's of different stuff) in exchange for making an easy to use open source "engine" I can use to resurrect the remake hm? Or perhaps would you be interested in remaking LBA1 in 3D?

I attached the pharmacy model. I think only the floor and wall tiles are exactly like Horadrim made them, and the cash register is exactly like he made it. Rest I modified (sometimes quite heavily), the texture for the jawbraker dispencer is made from scratch, I only used the jawbreakers pattern inside. The flask and jawbreaker machine texture have a transparent region (png format) which is used for the glass, so you only need to apply the textures and turn transparency on. Entirely mine is the texture for the top of the walls, and the pillar texture, which I based on Horadrims marble texture to make the colours fit.

The desk legs, lamp mounts and shelf supports share their texture.
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