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Here's a pic of my grobo clones in Blender:

They still need a baton. And I need to model the white clone.
The Soldier:

Will upload the soldier when I find the rifle. Now, the rifle I made is tricky to animate, because it doesn't have a trigger, only a lever like a fire hose, so each time the soldier fires, he pulls the lever. So from the Funfrock minions I have the white clone, flying Grobos, Rabibunny and sphero clones, three mutant types and the workers left.

Mind you, that my Grobos have simple short feet and hands, so they might not look compatible with Horadrims. I also have an unfinished Rabibunny character.

Also converted the salesman, doctor, nurse, tree and the catamaran.

Took me an hour to find the Rabibunny...
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