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Not bad work at all

A few points, but you probably know them all already;

* Twinsens fixed to the ground-plane, thus his feat go though the ground when he walks upstairs.

* Twinsen should be a little bit faster I think.

* Camera is a bit annoying at the mo. Untill theres time to make a good camera system, purhapes just let the mouse rotate? (would be good for debuging landscapes I think).

* Animation of grass sprites seems about right for me but I think Warwicks suggestion;

Make it a texture. Use multiple grass textures, and spread them randomly with each map load.. (The way Warcraft 3's Map editor does. Certain tile of Grass has atleast 5 different textures.. )
Would be excellent for the grass tiles themselves.
Would get rid of the overly-repeated look it has at the moment, and it would be far less work then any "proper/high-tech" style grass.

But, aside from those points; Great work
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