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David, shit, I forgot. I'll pack it in two days, till then you'll just have to manage.
What's with the multiple grass textures? I'll be modelling the outside levels with the texture I have made for the remake. WoW uses heightmaps and texture blending. I don't think the same technique would be prudent in a game with each outside space modelled by hand exactly after LBA. Besides, blending a grass texture with a dirt texture produces a rather ugly and non-artsy transition between the two!

Also, I don't think realistic textures from an internet database will fit here. They'll just look ugh ugly. You need textures that will fit the overall artstyle. Don't worry, I'll soon provide you with all the outside textures I made for the remake. I just need to slice them out from a single file, and make them into nice squares that can be tiled properly. The art style has to be consistent.

Ran the demo looks ace ! Will I be able to put my own Twinsen in?
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