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Ok, so here's the Tree with the texture, and a level texture file I'll be using and modifying for separate texture (just to give you a taste of it ). You should see that the texture transitions with this kind of texture as opposed to texture blending are much nicer (with the grass and dirt transition).

Now, with the tree, the trunk is nice and round, so I recommend you leave the leaves passable and calculate the collision for the trunk only. Only the tree corona is supposed to move. The tree should be placed a bit below ground level so the roots sink to the ground a bit.

Also, the tree was designed to be viewed from the top, not a 3rd person perspective. So either I'll have to add some sort of an inner additional layer of leaves and branches, or your camera will have to be raised a bit (which I would strongly recommend. Making it closer to the character and a bit more smooth too - as in to lag just a bit after the character).

Although a "resident evil - type" camera is best. It's a stationary camera with a fixed position that has a pivot, so it follows the player from a single point, but it also has a limited range, so when the player leaves it, he comes into the range of a different camera. This approach is best from the level design point of view, because you can hide certain things (like the back walls of the pharmacy), and accent some things you want the player to notice.
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