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Well, elevators, slopes and bridges are a must as they are featured in LBA1.
NPC's stopping when you move in front of them is also a must, I don't think I have to say why... chasing after them trying to talk to them would be really annoying.

Here's some character models:

Now, I don't have the time to animate them, or learn how to do that in Blender for that matter. So, if you're up to it, download yazors character viewer so you can see the original animations. The Grobos should walk slightly bent forwards, so they look a bit angry. The trunk should move to the left and right when they sit.

I'll send you the soldier rifle when I have found it. Their standing animation should be to stand straight like soldiers do, with their rifle on their palm propped on their arm. They should occasionally march in place, move their head left and right and salute from time to time.

The salesman should walk around slouched, looking sad and exhausted. Also, it's an older model I made, so it's not a closed mesh, if you need it to be a closed one let me know and I'll work on it.

The regular grobo should wave his ears a bit when standing, like real elephants do.

I have also included the textures for the green and red grobo variants.
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